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Can blind tasting help you see things clearly?

Oh, Twitter. The things you make me do. Last Saturday, I caught a tweet by Cory Cartwright which said – a little provocatively, I’m sure: “Blind tastings, dumb? or just a waste of time?”. Despite many reactions by a lot of serious people, Cory never followed up on that tweet, and since he’s put his blog [...]
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This post is pointless – and so is the rest of this blog

I don’t believe in points. That’s why there are no points or other ways of scoring in my tasting notes. I think they’re more confusing than helpful, and that their reliability is so low as to render them useless. That’s why I never used any scoring system for reviewing wines on this blog, and never will. One [...]
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September’s here – and so are the 30 Days of Local Wine

I love the whole idea of thematic series in blogs and online publications. That type of every-day addition of new angles is perfectly suited to the medium, and provides a rich, multifaceted view of the chosen subject. With the beginning of September, Spotlight Toronto has just started the second edition of the 30 Days of Local [...]
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Natural wine: it’s complicated, naturally

“We consider the best wine is one that can be aged without any preservative; nothing must be mixed with it which might obscure its natural taste. For the most excellent wine is one which has given pleasure by its own natural qualities.” – Columella, On Agriculture, Book 12. It all started (this time around) with a [...]
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Everybody's talking about natural wines – thanks, Saignée!

How do you celebrate a year of blogging? With a month of blogging, of course. A special month of blogging, I mean. Like the 31 days of Natural Wine put together by Cory Cartwright of Saignée, one of the most interesting wine blogs around. He asked a number of other voices of the online wine world [...]
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