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Post-TasteCamp North interviews: Jonathan Wilson of Labeled.ca

TasteCamp North, held on both sides of the Niagara river on May 13-15, was a lot of fun and very instructive for the thirty-some wine bloggers and writers present. Pursuing a tradition started by Lenn Thompson for the first two TasteCamps, held in his home turf of New York State, I’ve decided to ask bloggers [...]
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Live white wine blogging from Walla Walla, Washington

The American Wine Bloggers Conference has just begun on a strong note: good tacos from the Walla Walla taco trucks, good tastings, meeting with fellow bloggers (many who I only knew online), an interesting keynote speech from Steve Heimoff, the Wine Blog Awards, and good breakout sessions on blogging, in various fashions. Twitter is on [...]
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Harvesting in Prince Edward County, just in time for new rules on Ontario wines

I’d call that an auspicious sign. Just as I was heading to the vineyards of Prince Edward County to harvest chardonnay at Closson Chase, on Tuesday evening, the Ontario government came out with new rules governing VQA and Cellared in Canada wines. These new rules give a push forward to VQA wines by introducing financial support – [...]
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Wine Blogging Wednesday 55: North vs South – a bipolar roundup

It’s always fascinating to see the many ways people can interpret a proposition. So what did the participants in the 55th Wine Blogging Wednesday make of this idea of confronting North vs South? From Michigan Riesling to Tasmania Pinot Noir, from Spanish Garnacha to Tennessee Chambourcin, there sure were a lot of possible pairings (and threesomes, [...]
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