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In praise of diversity (or engineering it): Jura, New Zealand and yeast strains

I haven’t been blogging as much as I usually do, this past couple of months, partly because I found it hard to run through wine regions at a fast pace, absorb all the information and write something coherent about it at the same time, partly because the day job has been very busy, partly because [...]
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New Zealand wine woes: there’s always a price to pay for volume

An article in the New York Times, this Friday, discussed the challenges currently faced by the New Zealand wine industry, as the high-flying Kiwi sauvignon blancs get caught in the global wine market slowdown. Just as the economy was coming down hard, New Zealand got itself two bumper crops in a row, producing more wine [...]
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Pinot chocolat? Won't those New Zealanders stop at anything?

For a guy like me who loves the most natural wines, New Zealand is often a disappointment, with wines that are pure products of modern oenology. But I never thought the doctoring would go as far as this: Kim Crawford’s Pinot Chocolat, for which cocoa bean extract was added to the tank at the moment of [...]
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The California Wine Fair is back already

A year can sure go by fast. It’s spring in Canada, and time for the California Wine Fair again. I even missed the Western Canada dates (sorry guys), and barely caught up with it on time for the East Coast part of the tour. It’s no April Fool joke. Ottawa gets its turn this Wednesday, April [...]
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California wines for Obama's inauguration – and thoughts about wine at the White House

I have to say that Americans sure know how to throw a big party. Case in point, Barack Obama’s inauguration, which is drawing an incredible line-up of artists over these few days, and millions of people in tow, to witness this historic occasion. It may be presumed that, at some of these functions, wine will be [...]
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