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Various Goings On in the World Wine Web

The fluidity of the world wide web is only surpassed, perhaps, by that of wine. OK, I’m reaching, here. It just sounded good. Yet, there is something true to that idea. Things can move fast, and in sometimes suprising ways, on the Web. For instance, thanks to a timely Tweet from Tim at Winecast, I found out [...]
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Market matters

Ah, there’s nothing quite like reading the Western Farm Press to get your day going. OK, I’m overstating a little, but I have to say that this article on trends in the U.S. wine market did get my attention. It reports on a conference by Jon Fredrikson, head of a consulting firm specializing in the wine [...]
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Carbon zero? Well, looking more closely…

In a previous post, I’d spent a certain amount of time exploring the limits and vagaries of “green” wine. I’ve always been skeptical of full-frontal claims of virtue, which seem to be as much about marketing than about actual environmental concerns. I tend to feel more in tune with winemakers who go the green way [...]
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This wine tastes like a million bucks

If you have any doubts that blind tasting is essential to formulating a relatively objective judgment about a wine, you just have to read this article sent out on the wires by Agence France-Presse. It summarizes a study conducted at the California Institute of Technology, which demonstrates quite clearly that our knowledge about the (supposed) [...]
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Don't be shy, show us what you're made of

You can always count on Randall Grahm, the maverick behind Bonny Doon and Ca’ del Solo, militant winemaker and marketing whiz, to make interesting statements. A news item on the Wine Spectator website states that Grahm will start to include all of a wine’s ingredients on his labels. Yeasts, fining agents, you name it, anything [...]
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