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Tasting Note: Il Frappato 2007, IGT Sicilia, Ariana Occhipinti

I’ve been a fan of Arianna Occhipinti’s wines for close to two years, now, since I tasted her nero d’avola, Il Siccagno, at Terroir SF, with a couple of friends I’d met at the first Wine Bloggers’ Conference (read the blog post, in French, right here). Since then, the wines have started to be imported [...]
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Tasting note: Masi Campofiorin 2005, Rosso del Veronese IGT

It’s always interesting – and often fun – to re-taste wines you enjoyed often, a while back, but had somewhat set aside and forgotten. That’s what happened to me when a good friend of mine brought me a bottle of Masi Campofiorin, a unique wine from the Veneto, in Northern Italy. When I first started drinking [...]
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Wine Blogging Wednesday 54: How do I love Piedmont? Let me count the ways

There are so many good things about Piedmont that I could hardly have been more excited about the 54th edition of the Wine Blogging Wednesday. David McDuff’s theme, A Passion for Piedmont, was really my kind of thing. I love just about everything about Piedmont, in every color and style. Recently, I wrote about Moscato, this [...]
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Tasting Note: Pignolo 2003, Castello di Buttrio, Veneto

Italy certainly is a treasure trove of unique grape varieties. Often, these varieties were almost forgotten and lost before being revived, in the last couple of decades, by some dedicated winemakers who just knew that they could provide great wines with distinctive characteristics. Think of the Arneis of Piedmont, this tasty white grape that hardly only [...]
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Tasting Note: Capitel Croce 2002, Veneto IGT, Anselmi

Roberto Anselmi is one of the great prides of the Veneto region, and especially, of the Soave appellation. So much so that he left the appellattion. Indeed, Anselmi thought that the authorities were not hard enough on Soave producers, when it came to ensuring quality. So instead of being associated with a level of wines he [...]
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