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Wine Bloggers, getting (it) together

There are a lot of conversations going on on the internet, a lot of communities coming together through blogs and Web 2.0 sites, a lot of people talking and learning about subjects of common interests through social media. But in the end, there is nothing yet that can truly replace face to face meetings [...]
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Biodynamics: up front or backstage?

I’m a huge fan of a great number of biodynamic wine producers, and several “natural wine” producers, this last category essentially meaning that they are not only made from organic grapes, but also totally free of added sulfur, a widely-used stabilizer (For a quick description of the various types of bio wines, click here). Very [...]
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When wine turns green

There’s a lot of talk, these days, about wine and the environment. Conferences about climate change and its effects on winegrowing and winemaking. People who calculate the carbon footprint of a particular wine bottle, and aim for carbon-zero wine production. Decanter’s November issue is largely devoted to a report asking “Is wine bad for the [...]
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Diving in

Welcome to The Wine Case, a blog about the wonders and oddities of the wine world. Everything from the high-scoring big bottles from Wine Spectator to the subtleties and sometimes voodoo-like qualities of biodynamic wines, as well as trade news and some tasting notes. The Case is written from a Quebec/Canadian point of view – ’cause [...]
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