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Wine and the electoral process

In times of political campaigns, politics can seep into just about any part of life. It may even get into your wine. For at least one Chilean wine producer, as I found out on Twitter, thanks to wine educator Bruce Cass, the ricochet from recent political events is rather stupefying. The name of the wine? Palin [...]
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WBW 49: Bush Goes, Maison Blanche Stays

Although it is, for me, a part of everyday life, wine is also a celebratory drink. A well-chosen bottle can be a great part of special occasions. For instance, asked dhonig, the soul behind the 2 Days per Bottle wine blog, as the theme for the 49th Wine Blogging Wednesday: what wine would best to toast [...]
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The perfect tool for wine bloggers

I just found the perfect combination of wine lore and internet technology. And the perfect gift for everyone who loves to browse about wine online – or better yet, to write blogs about wine online. Some funny guys in France “invented” it and put it online, for everyone’s amazement – or is that amusement. The only [...]
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