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Tasting Note : 1996 Cornas, Paul Jaboulet Aîné

I’ve long had a particular liking for the wines of Cornas, this supposedly toughest, most masculine appellation in the Rhône. I’ve always had a few bottles in my cellar, and was appalled when a scare over some of the oldest vineyards shook the region two years ago. One of the first Cornas I cellared, shortly after [...]
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A Christmas gift for Cornas

There must be a lot of cheer in the Cornas vineyards, these days. Especially around Les Mazards, one of the top sites in the appellation, where an urbanization project had been planned, much to the vignerons’ dismay. I received an e-mail, yesterday, from the Association Cornas les coteaux d’abord, proudly announcing that the special commissioner who [...]
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More news from Cornas

Here’s a short follow up on my two previous posts (here’s the first one, and here is the second one) regarding the Cornas municipality’s plan to develop the Les Mazards vineyards by ripping up 100-year-old vines and setting up buildings instead. According to recent communications received from the Association Cornas les coteaux d’abord (Cornas vineyards [...]
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More about the Cornas struggle over Les Mazards vineyards

After writing my post, last week, about the Cornas mayor’s plans for erecting big buildings in the middle of his commune’s prestigious vineyards, I read more about the whole crazy thing on She mentions that you could join an e-mail petitition by simply writing to Vincent Paris, the copresident of the local producers’ association. [...]
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Cornas threatened by… Cornas?!?

I just read something unbelievable on a Vinography post by Alder Yarrow. Apparently, the mayor of Cornas has decided that he wants a 4 or 5-story building erected on a site called Les Mazards, in the middle of the top vineyard sites in this remarkable appellation. This decision would entail the construction of an access [...]
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