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Chilean Earthquake hits wineries hard

When last weekend’s gigantic earthquake struck Chile, it hit the southern coast of the country particularly hard, but it also hit wine producing regions like Maule, Colchagua and Bio-Bio, close to the epicenter of the tremor. As the shockwaves hit, they caused piled up barrels and bottles to fall to the ground and tanks to buckle [...]
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Wine Blogging Wednesday #52: an inexpensive organic red from Chile

When I heard about the theme for Wine Blogging Wednesday number 52, Value Reds From Chile, proposed by Tim of the Cheap Wine Ratings blog, I knew that it was right up my alley. After all, for Wine Blogging Wednesday #48, when Lenn Thompson asked us to go back to our roots, to the first [...]
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Tasting Note: Viña Chocalán Gran Reserva Blend 2004, Maipo Valley

Although I am most often weary of the “big” wines, I do enjoy ripe fruit and bold flavors just as much as the next guy. As long as the ripe fruit doesn’t jam the glass, if you see what I mean, and as long as other elements give it structure and balance. Case in point: Viña [...]
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Wine and the electoral process

In times of political campaigns, politics can seep into just about any part of life. It may even get into your wine. For at least one Chilean wine producer, as I found out on Twitter, thanks to wine educator Bruce Cass, the ricochet from recent political events is rather stupefying. The name of the wine? Palin [...]
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Wine Blogging Wednesday 48: Catching Up with Chilean Cab

I had a moment of hesitation, when I read Lenn Thompson’s announcement for the 4-year anniversary edition of Wine Blogging Wednesday. As he called upon us to go back to our roots, to taste back wines we particularly favored early in our wine guzzling tasting days, I immediately thought of Robert Mondavi’s 1987 Napa Valley [...]
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