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Tasting Note: Undercurrent Muscat-Sauvignon Blanc 2007 and other crazy wines from Creekside Estate Winery

Creekside is one interesting winery. They can make some very straightforward, accessible wines with a great quality-price ratio, as shown not only by their Estate series of wines (like that nice, pepper-strawberry driven shiraz), but also by the 60,000 some odd cases the same winemaking team makes for No. 99 Estates Winery, generally known as [...]
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Shipping US wine to Canada: FedEx gets in the game – and raises questions

An article on the Wine Law web site, an extremely interesting source on everything legal about how wine is sold (or not sold) within Canada, caused a bit of excitement among Canadian wine tweeps, today, as it revealed that FedEx has begun shipping wine directly from the United States to Canada – or at least, [...]
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Ontario’s best rieslings: a collective tasting on Spotlight Toronto (and two extra tasting notes)

It’s nice when social media pushes the idea of social forward, encouraging collective thinking and group efforts. Like this Ontario riesling project that was proposed to a small group of wine writers and professionals by Rick Van Sickle, of the St Catharines Standard, and Suresh Doss, of Spotlight Toronto. Six writers, including this guy who does [...]
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WBW 63: Finding my muse in a bottle of 1990 Mas La Plana

It seemed like an easy theme, what Rob Bralow proposed for Wine Blogging Wednesday. Find your Muse. That’s easy, here it is: There, done. And there’s plenty of other songs from that band available on the Internet. Oh, wait. That’s not what he meant? All right. Enough with the silly musical asides. But it is a wicked, inspiring [...]
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Tasting Note: 2005 Catena Alta Cabernet Sauvignon, Bodega Catena Zapata

The Catena family is one of the major and one of the most interesting players in the world of Argentinian wine. They produce a wide range of wines in all sorts of price range, with consistent quality at all levels, from the more generic Alamos label to the Catena Zapata wines, the top cuvées created [...]
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