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    Dear Remi,

    Concerning the International Days of Malbec 2010, we will make better in 2012.

    130 journalists of the whole world were present during the 3 days of the event. It is enormous and we were victims of our success.

    The edition 2008, the first, was a success in terms of organization (cf . the comments posted on Internet) but the event had not known this multitude of personalities.

    The edition 2012 will be organized differently. We will be able to learn the lessons from 2010.

    You will surprised !


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      I’m glad to hear that you are conscious of the difficulties and that you are working to improve it. The wines of Cahors deserve a good showcase – and for that, better organization is key. I’d even be happy to help with suggestions and more specific comments.

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        I have a suggestion: Include awesomely small production wineries like Clos Siguier!

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      If you need a hand with the planning and organisation of the next Malbec Days then we are willing to help.

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    Cahors is full of gems; and white wines is definitely one of them thanks to the Kimméridgien terroir we share with Chablis. But business strategy (making sales!) makes Malbec red wines take all the focus and budget. Having some white grape part of the Cahors AOC could be an intersting move…Hopefully it will change over time; with more whites to taste. Whe’ve got all to create great wines; many already doing it and more to come (many going under organic certification as well).

    But what would all that mean without local food and cheeses? Well enough writing, time to sip some local chardonnay with goat cheese!

    Looking forward seeing you browse the Cahors valley next time you’re around!

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    I think the whole Cahors wine industry is really under rated. A top Cahors wine compares favourably with Bordeaux at higher prices.
    There are still growers in this area who care about the quality and not always the profit!

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    A couple points to mention. The Argentines are pushing April 17th as Malbec day and are loading all barrels for a social media print assault, Jeremy this might be a free opportunity for Cahors.

    Remy sometimes it takes an outsider to see the opportunity – heck I never would have thought about a white from Cahors. And with the short time from harvest to bottle you would think producers would be willing to take flyer on grapes like viogniner as they won’t have to invest so much in warehousing.

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    Are there economic & cultural (?) incentives to work with neighboring white cépages– jurançon, the Mansengs…?

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