September’s here – and so are the 30 Days of Local Wine

I love the whole idea of thematic series in blogs and online publications. That type of every-day addition of new angles is perfectly suited to the medium, and provides a rich, multifaceted view of the chosen subject.

With the beginning of September, Spotlight Toronto has just started the second edition of the 30 Days of Local Wine, a showcase of the many great things found in Ontario vineyards, cellars and, ultimately, glasses. Last year’s edition was brought about by a challenge issued by the Wine Council of Ontario, calling on Ontarians to drink only local wines for 30 days. And now, the whole great online party is back, starting with a post showing that although attention goes mainly to the Niagara region and Prince Edward County, there is also great wine to be found on the Lake Erie North Shore.

After taking part in another series on The Greatest Wine Stories Ever Told, as well as an Ontario riesling feature, I’ve been invited to contribute to the series, and certainly the experience I’ve had making wine and walking the vineyards with Deborah Paskus and everyone at Closson Chase will be part of that. I may also slip in a bit of Quebec wine into the series. Because is where you are.

If you want to check out another great series, head over to Saignée, Cory Cartwright’s solid, thoughtful blog, and check out the 32 Days of Natural Wine, which drew together a great series of writers with a lot of interesting, sometimes through-provoking posts on this much-debated topic. Recently, Cory also wrote a wonderful, touching post called The New Scale. Read it. It’ll make you rethink the way you look at a 90-point wine, and how we all get to really, really appreciate wine.

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